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If you have or are planning to have a website, I want you to know that discovering, acquiring, and protecting good internet domain real estate for your website is very important.

Fortunately, acquiring and owning the right to use and continue to use good internet “real estate” is very affordable; it's one of the best values for your dollar you can find today.

It is not hard to take advantage of the bargain internet real estate that is available to all of us. With some creative thinking about what your website is about, some thoughtful exploration to see what domain names are available, and decisive action to register good internet real estate you discover – real estate that matches you or your organization and your goals for your website – you will have your own valuable location with its own unique address on the internet.

As much as is possible and practical, a valuable domain name should also be protected by similar domain names and “shortcut” nickname domains which you register and maintain as “auto‑forward” addresses which take people to your main domain name.

Non‑profit organizations with .org domain names should always protect those names with the same .com name and should avoid .org names for which they can not also own the .com name.

For businesses, owning the .org name is less important. Owning the .com name is what is most important.


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