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Note, the only difference between the Kindle (.Mobi) and ePub versions are the Copyright pages which say “Kindle Edition” or “ePub Edition” and the ISBN pages which have the unique ISBNs required for each different format of the book.

The prices quoted by eBook Architects were fair, but the truth is that getting eBooks I was willing to publish was not a “trouble free” experience. I had to use the eBook preview applications available for .Mobi/Kindle files (Kindle Previewer) and ePub files (Adobe Digital Editions) and carefully proof read the results.

. . . and create detailed lists of error corrections and formatting change requests to send back to eBook Architects and then . . . do that more than once for each book – carefully checking each new eBook file using the same process – until I had the eBooks I expected and was willing to publish.

Part of the problem is that eBook Architects' default process is to create files that will work on screens for all possible devices that have eBook reader applications which read the eBook formats they create (Mobi and ePub), which means formatting for everything from dedicated eBook devices, tablet and “pad” devices all the way down to smart phones with their small screens.

Which was not what I was looking for. For my money, I didn't want my books of poetry to look awkward and ugly where they could be beautiful just so they would be “ok” on small smart phone screens. My goal was to have the best results possible on the color eBook readers and tablets and, also on the less expensive black & white (ePaper) eBook readers. Having less than ideal reading on the much smaller smart phone screens was not a problem for me.

The good news is that eBook Architects and Joshua promised to make all of the required changes until I was satisfied. And they did what they said they would do.

I'm expecting that now that eBook Architects knows more about what I want, I'll have less demanding, and fewer, proofreading and correction cycles before I'm ready to publish. Either way, I'll report back and tell you how it goes on these pages, because I have plans for at least 3 more books of poetry.

Other Possibilities

I've just done another search for tools which would help me create eBooks without too much complexity for myself. And it seems that lot has changed in 9 months.


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