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Most websites have simple requirements for which you can expect to pay no more than $5 a month which is quite affordable.

For my data business site, MaineQIP.com we pay around $250 for two years of unlimited shared Windows hosting. Our unlimited account allows us to host as many websites with unique domain names as we wish, and has no restrictions on storage space or bandwidth use (no limit on website traffic, pages read, files uploaded, etc.).

An artist, website developer I work with, has a similar Linux/UNIX hosting plan and provides website hosting for the $5 a month mentioned above.

Internet resources for websites which must host complex applications have also become much more affordable also. In many cases it is no longer necessary to purchase or rent a dedicated computer to provide web application services.

The cost of virtual servers (machines which share runtime CPU and memory resources in a way that allows each customer to operate in a computer server environment that appears and acts like a single machine) which are now offered as a rentable service in “the cloud” are available as on‑demand instances which allow renters to only pay for the time they need. For example, costs for Amazon's EC2 (Elastic Cloud) resources which include both Linux/UNIX and Windows server instances range from .080 per hour for small instances to 1.140 for large high performance instances. ref: Amazon EC2 Pricing

For website applications, the focus, actually needs to be on requirements for security. In some cases when high security is required, it makes sense to buy or rent the server and security services which best fit your needs and to pay the costs necessary to meet your requirements. The rationale for having clear website goals is true equally important for security – when the goals for a website's security have been defined and make sense to us, we know what we're aiming for. And we have a measure to help us judge whether the website's security is doing what we want it to do. When security is important, you have to define and understand your requirements.   read about website and internet security


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