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Websites should be simple, attractive, easy‑to‑use and easy to understand.

Repetition can be a good thing. When presented correctly, e.g. as a common theme with shared headers, footers, and menu choices, messages which are integrated as dependable, expected features of a website will be accepted, understood, and absorbed. Done correctly such messages will inspire behavior.

A website should also be colorful and fun.

Colorful words and pictures should inspire people to interact with the site and discover what the site has to offer.


A website should have good information.

A website should have information which is useful and answers questions.

This is worth repeating. A website should have information which is easy to read and easy to understand.


how I work

Designing and developing websites feels natural and simple to me. It's almost like walking or breathing . . . or dancing.

After I've finished a site or a version of a site, one way I work is to bang around on the site to make sure everything feels right. When a transition or a page doesn't feel right, I stop.

Then I work with my instincts, my knowledge and my feel for visual experience and language, to help me learn what made me stop and to help me learn what I can change to make the transitions between pages or the visuals and words and messages on the page feel right – to make it work for me, and for others, both consciously and unconsciously.

I spend a surprising amount of time doing this, over and over again – using the site and paying attention to what it feels like to move around on the site, both quickly and carefully, to look at the pages both quickly and carefully, and to read the pages both quickly and carefully. I keep experiencing and re‑experiencing the site and adjust it when it needs to be adjusted. Over and over again.

It's an important part of what I do.

And it's fun for me. I create websites because I really enjoy creating websites.


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