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What is the website about? And what actions do I want to encourage?

These are basic questions a website owner needs to think about . . . and answer clearly.


When the goals for a website have been defined and make sense to us, we know what we're aiming for.

And we have a measure to help us judge whether the website is saying what we want it to say and doing what we want it to do.


Specifically, we know what we want people to learn from our website and we know how we hope people will interact with our website.

We have our list of the information we want to present.

We have our theme and we have defined the messages we want to repeat .

. . . and we have the information we need to create simple visual designs and simple information designs which inspire people to

  • learn what we hope they will learn
  • and interact with the website in ways we hope they will interact
  • and take other actions we hope they will take

We also have a way to measure whether or not the website is successful.

And we have what we need to guide future decisions about updates and changes to the website.


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