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Following are the links to information I've found most useful. The first has valuable information about the process of creating an eBook. The second is the starting point for obtaining a certified U.S. Copyright for a book you have created. I create a PDF version of each book from a Microsoft Word document source and, in the cases where I wish to obtain a registered copyright submit the PDF version, which has been reproduced as an exact copy of the source document, to certify the copyright. All versions of a particular book will be faithful versions of the source document with only distinct ISBNs and unique edition information on the ISBN page. Using the Bowkers link you can set up an account and buy ISBNs in lots of 10 for $250.


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U.S. Electronic Copyright Office–  register U.S. Copyrights online


Bowkers Identifier Services–  buy and manage ISBNs online


    eBooks     my eBook story


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