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The story of how and why I decided to start designing and publishing eBooks

     In 2007 or 2008 I wrote in my will that, if I hadn't gotten around to it before I died, I'd like someone to publish some of my poems. Which wasn't fair, but it was what I really wanted and I put it in.

Now, I've gotten around to it myself. Thanks, in part, to good memories of my sister, Sue, and a desire to do something concrete to honor her. At the beginning of 2012, on the day before the anniversary of her birthday, I decided to design and publish a short electronic book of poems dedicated to my sister Sue.

It was a simple book idea, a book with only four poems – three poems which I'd written in 2007 after spending time with my sister when she was dying and one I'd written on a fall night after she died, describing what had happened to me earlier in the evening when I was mourning her death and free‑style dancing with a small group of friends.

Those four poems and a photo that expressed some of my feelings about my sister were all I had. And I wanted to create a beautiful, professional book for her on the anniversary of her birthday. Because I had been reading electronic books for several years and I enjoyed the experience, the idea of an eBook which I might be able to do myself made sense to me.

I was motivated and I did what people do. I found out what I had to do and I did it.

   Sue 4 poems for my sister

That first project inspired me . . . In the next two weeks I designed two more books for some of my other poems. And I started learning about electronic publishing.

Once I dug in and learned a few things, I discovered that publishing books online, complete with an ISBN and a registered copyright, is actually pretty simple.


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