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A little backstory about why I believe in eBooks and electronic publishing and my experience getting my first 3 books published as eBooks . . .

     When my daughter died and I wasn't sleeping very well, I reread Pride and Prejudice on a little BlackBerry and found it so easy and comfortable to read that way, holding a little electronic “book” all tucked up and cosy in bed, that I downloaded and read all of Jane Austen's books on the BlackBerry that winter. And because my wife said it was a very important book for her, I downloaded and read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. It was wonderful. And then Villette, also wonderful.

I found so many great books online for free or for .99. And I also enjoyed reading the NY Times electronic edition which was easy to use and, back then, free. I enjoy reading electronic books. It's something I believe in because it works for me.

I graduated to a Kindle . . . and sometimes spending more than .99 for newer books that were worth reading. For example, I loved the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series by Stieg Larsson and was glad to be supporting authors who'd written books I enjoyed reading. My BlackBerry's been replaced by an Android smart phone with a Kindle application that syncs with my online library and now there's a Kindle Fire too, so that both my wife and I can share my Amazon Kindle library at the same time.

And publishing my poems as eBooks makes sense. It's something I can arrange for now when I'm still alive, kicking and loving and dancing. I may leave boxes of old books, computer parts, important “papers” and other junk people will have to throw out after I'm gone, but I was determined that no one would have to try to figure out how to publish my poems. My goal was to have that work “all done” by me, now!

More about the process . . .

     After completing the PDF versions of 3 books of poetry, I found that my other work did not allow me the block of time I needed to learn the ins and outs of translating my documents into the files needed to create the eBook editions I wanted to make available at eBook stores. So, I took some time to prepare Kindle (.Mobi) and ePub Microsoft Word® versions for my books, e.g. with no sections, no page numbers, etc. and then made arrangements to have Joshua Tallent's company eBookArchitects take on the eBook translation projects for each book.


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