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For example, I found this very straight-forward article by the author Simon Cann about how he creates ebooks and have followed some of his recommendations. E.g. I also use Microsoft Word® to create final versions of my individual poems and my PDF version of my eBooks.

I appreciated finding a tool to convert Word® to HTML. Thanks, Simon.


  • Word Cleaner   It made sense to follows Simon's recommendation and buy this product for converting Word® documents to HTML to create “clean” HTML as a starting point for creating an eBook.
  • WebStorm   I already have a program I like for managing and editing HTML. I especially like some advanced WebStorm features such as “refactoring” which automatically changes all links to a html file if I choose to change the file's name or move it to a different directory.
  • Top Style   This is the program I use for editing and managing cascading style sheets (CSS) for different websites.
  • Also, Simon's statement that after creating a good ePub translation, the steps for creating a translation for Amazon Kindle readers made sense. A simple test will prove it to be true . . . or false for the kinds of eBooks I want to create.

I will continue this “history” describing what I've learned and and what happens, what works and what does not work, as I publish additional books for myself and selected customers.

As I go, I'll create pages to share the most useful information I learn about how to create eBooks and I'll also maintain a page or pages for the most useful links I find about the process of creating eBooks.


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