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  • get and assign ISBNs to the different editions of your book
  • find professional services to create electronic editions of your work
    • once I have successfully completed eBook translation projects myself, I may also offer to help you do this translation work yourself and/or offer translation services from wcePublishing
  • manage and proof-read the eBook files delivered by professional services
    • or created by you or wcePublishing
  • and then publish your work with online bookstores

and I can continue to help you until you can do it for yourself . . .

I'll coach you until you're comfortable doing everything on your own.

Or, if you wish and I can schedule the time, I'll do the tasks you don't want to do for you.


I can also help with simplewebsitesor recommend you to website developers I know and trust.


And, if you have a lot of finished work or works in progress to keep track of . . . my database development company also has a custom database product Maine InfoPro2 which is ideal for keeping track of creative assets and creating any kind of information you want to record and easily find about your creative work, projects, and products.




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      published books       in‑progress books           websites


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