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The PDF, Kindle and EPUB editions of these books have been assigned ISBN numbers. And the PDF editions have been registered at the U.S. Copyright Office. The Kindle and ePub editions of all three books have been released.

Currently, there are no in-progress books at the PDF stage; only books in the “planning” stage (selecting and organizing poems; selecting cover photo, etc.).

Some possible projects with working book titles include:

  1. 2013  a selection of unpublished poems written in 2013
  2. 2014  a selection of unpublished poems written in 2014
  3. Love, Sex and Eternity  a selection of love poems
  4. Not Forgotten  poems about people who live on in me
  5. poems for me  poems I've written that I particularly like or keep going back to


notes about books in-progress

As I complete design and formatting work for my books of poetry and assign copyrights and ISBNs to them, I'll post them here as PDFs. The PDFs will represent the “paper version” – how I will want the physical book to appear if I publish paper editions and also my essential design for the final eBooks with a number of important exceptions.

  • Because pages are virtual (defined by a reader's choices and specific reading device in real time) and not physical, sections and section headers can not be used to show the poem “numbers” at the top right of all pages for each poem.
  • Also, in the PDF and paper versions I can use more sophisticated formatting for pages, headings, poem titles, and control how poem titles and the paragraphs and lines of poetry appear on the page because
    • a paper book has a fixed page size
    • and PDF books maintain a fixed ratio between the text size and the page size which allows the user to adjust the size of the text while maintaining formatting . . . and the exact appearance of the text on the page.

I have not yet decided whether I will try to do my own translations from Word® to the the formats needed for Amazon Kindle editions and ePUB editions or pay a service to do that work. I have found information about some tools that might make doing those translations easier which makes me more inclined to tackle those tasks myself. See my eBook story page 5 for more detail.

However I decide to proceed, I'll share what I learn and and experience on this site, and when I have the Kindle and ePub versions available for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, and the Apple Store, I'll post links on the published books page so you can see the final results at the various eBook outlets if you wish. (Note, the first book will be available for free on all sites when that is allowed; Amazon will not allow it.).

You can see more information about what I have learned and experienced in working with an eBook translation service on my last about wcePublishing page.

PS, the only difference between the Kindle and ePUB versions are the Copyright pages which say “Kindle Edition” or “EPUB Edition” and the ISBN pages which have the unique ISBNs required for each different format of the book.


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