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     This website and wcePublishing were created at the beginning of 2012 when I decided to design and publish a book of poetry dedicated to my sister, Sue.  read more

I was motivated and I did what people do. I did the work.


   Sue 4 poems for my sister

That first project inspired me . . . In the next two weeks I designed two more books for some of my other poems. And I started learning about electronic publishing.


I created this site to share what I've learned about how to publish books as eBooks and to offer information, education, mentoring, and publishing services to other authors.

My goal is to help authors design and publish electronic editions of their own writing and their own works of art at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, the Apple Store, Google Books, and other internet book stores.

For authors who want to learn how do these things for themselves, my goal is also to help authors become independent and learn everything they need to know to manage the process of creating and publishing electronic editions of their work on their own.


wcePublishing is also my vehicle for offering website education and services.

For individuals, small businesses, and other organizations who want to create and maintain websites which are simple, attractive, easy‑to‑use, easy to understand, and also inexpensive, I'm offering advice, education, and services.


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