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website goals

I think it's important for a website to have a message. For most websites it's important for people to know what the website is about effortlessly. Simply by seeing the website's home page and reading a few of the words that catch their attention a visitor should know what the website is about. And the website's owner and designer should have also thought about what actions they hope to encourage . . .   read more

website information and creative energy

Websites should be simple, attractive, easy‑to‑use, and easy to understand. A website should also be colorful and fun.   read more

website domain names

I have been discovering, buying, maintaining and protecting internet domain names for more than 16 years.

The internet has become an important part of our information and electronic universes – it's on our “smart” phones and hi‑def “smart” TVs, our eBook readers and tablet computers. It's where people go to find out things they need or want to know instantly and it's where people go to see the news about the world and about their family and friends. And this growing importance of the internet and internet real estate, aka domain names, is just getting started.   read more

website hosting

Website hosting is now a highly competitive marketplace which means you can find web hosting which is both reliable and inexpensive.   read more

website security

For most purposes inexpensive hosting will be adequate.    read more


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