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     Following is my personal website, Ideabout.com–  the website I created for my own enjoyment and to use in whatever way I wished, where I follow my interests wherever they lead me. I've also included my first business website which I put in this category because I've kept it alive simply because it amuses me to see where I started. Of course, what I'm interested in and how I make a living intersect, so . . .


personal website


a simple site for sharing ideas

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Future sites for my “idea” domains may include Idearound.com and Amaze-Zing.com and some of the other idea website domains I bought to focus on ideas and communication about ideas. My hope is that some of those websites will include databases and interactions with collections of information which grow and are refined by me and by users of the websites over time.


(my first business website, late 1990s; now archived)


creative results and teamwork
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