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I design and publish eBooks and websites because it's the kind of creative work I enjoy doing.


Many of the accomplishments I'm proudest of were joint creative efforts and and I enjoy working creatively with other people. Working with others on creative projects has been a major part of my professional life.

If you are an author or an artist who wants to create electronic books or wants to create a website for your stories, poems, articles, and other written work or for collections of your artwork, I would enjoy working with you.

I also enjoy helping people learn. If you are someone who wants to learn how to “do it for yourself” I would enjoy helping you learn what I have learned.

Authors and artists, I can help you learn how to do all or some the things required to publish eBooks and websites. Or you can engage me to work with you as your creative partner to accomplish what you want to accomplish and to do the tasks you don't want to do yourself.

    My goal will always be to help you learn as much as you want to learn at a pace that works for you and to make you as independent in electronic book design and publishing or website design and publishing as you want to be.

    My goal will also be to work with you as a creative partner and to help you accomplish what you want to accomplish as creatively, efficiently, and economically as possible.


    my eBook story     how I create websites


    I want to help


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